Monday, February 8, 2010

turn out the lights

these faces bore me
long days that have been
are long gone, so...
what would you do?

come on, don't be shy
drain me out dry
there is more from whence it came
who's to blame when the time is out?

got my time to exorcize
now we shall mesmerize
dump these faces in the sand
and land into the open wide

and then, she cried alive
she's waiting for me, inside
come on, babe, put it out
my hand can't reach down

stop the frown, I don't give a shit
the myths are all yours to idolize
this endless joust of cocks, the flock
has just gained an electric black sheep

that dreams of androids who dream freedom.


The tone said...

Gostei bastante. O começo bem musical e ritmado e o final todo à la Philip K. Dick (no pun intended)... essa coisa da sobreposição de realidades é excelente. Parece uma mensagem numa garrafa, na verdade, várias mensagens pra gentes diferentes. Depois queria conversar sobre.

性感的我 said...