Tuesday, January 19, 2010

bathtub full of blue

the sky became some lab experiment
unwilling test subject number phi
it kills not to know what time is it
but what the hell, this is relative
to the observer in mars, it is shit

now you are some creature of myth
something out of homer's dreams
a horned god of some sort, goat legs and all
the norse gods are just over, having a beer
along incan priests and tolkien's little people

inside, she feels like strawberry jelly
out, it's like stainless steel
and the stripped cat is somewhere else
his japanese features whisper
"come on, pull the moon"

the raindrops, the lake and the farm
the glow of starlight... was there a lake at all?
we are lost and alone among friends
their faces everchanging, hazel and blue
the devil's got my truth, and won't return

I couldn't care less.

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