Sunday, December 6, 2009

robot interface

I feel like a child today
there is a mistake in this state
unknown from back then

so I amuse myself
in comparing both strains
of a long, lost sense

one from pristine time of simpler things
the calm exposure and experience to our ways
everything so subtle, yet so clear
feeds me with the fittest of dreams

and this, something of everything, so sudden, fast, what you cannot grasp
like a hurricane made of moths, and you jump from the flock
and swim in melted clocks in parallel processors
tragically, it all fades down in about an hour

and all you can barely is to sever the weather
stop and get some paper, have a deep breath
and try to be clever and write it all down

1 comment:

The tone said...

Bits and bytes
Thoughts are as dangerous as mine fields

I should lie down and scrape the paper...
I shall write one some.