Monday, March 1, 2010


I wait by the fireplace.
The comfort of home.
I seek the answer
for the prayers I wrote
and they never come.

I wail to the door
as I never done before.
I wake from a world
full of lies, full of pride.
I lost my hope.

Don't cry for what's lost.
Drift further across.
Lie still while your muscles
learn how to walk again.
Turn your back to the ones
who made you bleak.

Who made you bleed.

I step into the temple
and I pray for our god.
I live the dream
as Mother thins out.
Just one more.

Leech me dry
and feed me to the dogs.
I'll rip their meat and bones.
I won't find peace
in the pieces I keep.

Fall from grace.
Embrace your grin.
Sink your teeth in the skin
of those who kneel.
Feel as their blood
will fill your void.

Take what's yours.

Give way to a killing wave.

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The Light Son of Janus said...

li novamente.
Acho que poderia virar música.