Sunday, July 26, 2009

vernissage of souls

dig all your thoughts and find a way to be lost
see the faces painted on the wall and then you fall
drift further into the mistakes of your past
walk through the dead, low head, pay respect

wounds that'll never close, but do you care?
just another story to tell on a bar brag
so many possible worlds where you're the best
but at last, you became just a hateful bastard

under the sheets and the warmth from her skin
there are no mistakes to be made by a seasoned man
but when the screaming and shouting ceases
will the ghosts under the bed haunt and dread?

and then, the silence reigns
another shadow is made
a new face for the scenes
to haunt your dreams of peace

1 comment:

The tone said...

the melody was missed!
it is so musical that it could not be seen otherwise!