Monday, July 27, 2009

generic low rock interface

just another man lost in its own sins
high on the perspective of a greater dream
looking for anything he can find
on anygirl's eyes

the names roll by...

little girl made of stone
when she talks
I hear the moan
of the saxophone
endure, girl, endure
and you'll grow strong

there's this girl made of clouds
thunders the softer sound
as the screams and shouts
fill up the empty spaces

one made of fire
the sheets made smoke
on a heavy load of dope
you could think she was some

water made poison
the first one you'll not let
shed tears of loss
rendered me helpless
on the floor

the one I never met
I won't soon forget

things just happen
it's a fact, a trap
for those who are not dead
love turns to sand
as the band hits the next

1 comment:

The tone said...

Somehow I preferred the cynical and satyrical you rather than this I am heartbroken you.

There are rhymes and wonderful images, but it just doesn't sound like you. It lacks something. Maybe an I-don't-careness you had.

Is it being so so difficult to find Her?