Saturday, July 25, 2009

another prayer to the light son

father once told
"go, and then grow
apart, but still one"
restless stones roll
and I keep memories
of those fond old times
and hopes
for times that are
yet to come

old brother
where art thou?
in our path to doom
thy feet follow
their inevitable road
the wall crumbles
and the way is shown
the dark night's gone
and thou shalt shine
as thou wast meant to

don't look back
but if thou doest
thou shalt not be lost
I will be here
somewhere to flee
to hear thy plea



The tone said...

IS the Light Son coming to light?
It sounds so conforting to see that the dark son is there to cater to him.
I hope he is kept warm and loved.
I hope he will grow stronger and and harder to whatever life has in store for him.
I hope one day he gets to meet me, or I get to meet him.

The Light Son of Janus said...

I have no words to you, brother
But you are in all my words
All my worlds
There will never be leaving you
Fore we are one
Brothers in arms.