Saturday, June 13, 2009

flood over fire

I am deaf dumb numb and blind, but above all I'm tired, of seeking something that can never be found, at least not outside. there is a chill in the back of my spine, and it's kind of fun thinking about this one. maybe the mask will fall, just like them all. but who knows? I might be wrong... maybe I'll lose myself to this choir, to this mellow, tender sound that comes from the aisle. lost to it everyday until I die. or maybe not... I might find peace at the bottomline, at the last of my twenty pack, in lack of something better to cry for than my own life. full of doubt, as always. I might go for the inner fire, the peace within the war. yet, it feels like this war is lost. this soldier is tired to fight. deaf dumb numb and blind... as always.


Thiago said...

la isola
uma ilha de

Feels like 27. Why not try to live 7 at a time?

The tone said...

You could change the seeking.
You could scare away the guilt of going along with the sweet melody of the mermaids and marmelades...
You could ask other soldiers to carry you through the field. You could turn the always into something new. I am sure you will witly wonder your way out. Not only because they say you have to deprive yourself of all the hope as you enter inferno you have to bow to it!