Monday, May 25, 2009

on the children of janus

for we are one
no more.

one speaks the language of Light
to cut away darkness and myth
words made of pristine purity
crystal clear clarity
to melt madness away

one speaks shadows
seeking the silence of demons
that haunt and inhabit
many a silent soul
in hoping to heal his own

for we are one.


OnlyEd said...

The Dark defines the Light.

Thiago said...

cegueira cegueira
tudo branco ou tudo preto?
velho minueto

OnlyEd said...

antigo minueto
segundo movimento, três parte harmonia
Janus guardas as portas
Trivia relógios na encruzilhada

Thiago said...

em cruz ilhada
Já nus têm intento
fogo pai cinza os filhos
segundo (o) movimento

OnlyEd said...

na encruzilhada, lobo uivar,
solteira, mãe, mulher idosa,
Shakti é a vida, a vida é movimento

OnlyEd said...

O pai Não e a mãe Sim.

Thiago said...

shack ti
shake 'til
shrieks still
shackles shall
shatter but not until
cracked by the haunting chill

Thiago said...

(btw, -> Was that on purpose?

OnlyEd said...

Yes, that quote was intentional. i liked that Elfwood post.

I am not proficient in the poetics you are doing, but it seems like fun.

cross road
cross load
cross toad
cross mowed
cross goad
toss code

hmmmm . . .

Thiago said...

is either flattery
or bloody silly irony
that ties down creativity

the code is only one
my friend
the code is melody

((Thanks for the appreciation, btw. We try and we try, freedom the only rule and only school, eh))

OnlyEd said...

Sim, a liberdade,
a única
alguma coisa
vale a ouvir
ponha liberdade de expressão
no inferno.

The tone said...

For you are one
And you are light
And you are shadow.

The demons are not silent
They are are whispering
With mermaid mellifulous voices

Can you give us blue-eyes redemptions?
Can you set us free from the curse?