Friday, June 19, 2009

hades' lounge

everyone here is fucked up
killing mind for a bit of fun
down the alley to the lounge
where we hang around

fuck my mind so I can try
to see things as I used to
make me back a child
when I had not even a clue

over the hedge of common
lies a plain made of hobos
who won't regret
to let the other side lie down
I should forget those times

fuck my mind
so can I live in lucidity
pay me a beer
here in the city

let's go out
for some kicks
call out our pal
owner of this joint
this shit
bring his whisky
savor this bourbon piss
don't miss
your other life

as I lose integrity
my life means more
and less

but who are your references?
I might be a mess
but you are just another pawn
in someone else's chess
wanting to be queen
but never reaching clean
the next square.

1 comment:

The tone said...

Well, this one is hard to comment.
First of all it's hard to swallow.
But it is good.
Fucking good I mean.
Entracing. Mind-boggling.
The chess image is beautiful. Alice can't move, poor her!
But a lot of questions sprang...
"as I lose integrity"
and the end is still rhyming?
Pay a beer? fuck the mind?
Fiat lux!
The other life is here?
Fiat homo!
your life is more and less?
Fiat voluntas tua!